It was 12 years ago that my husband and I purchased 80 acres of farm and pasture land west of Villeneuve. It was a beautiful piece of land – rolling hills, nestled amongst trees. Apparently, we were not the only ones to think so; it was also home to several deer, nesting hawks, rabbits, the odd garter snake and an occasional moose.

On a family trip to Argentina our whole family went horseback riding and when my mother saw our daughter on a horse she suggested that we, “Get her into riding lessons, she’s a natural.” We did, and as mothers often are, mine was right. Our daughter is a natural and she loved the interaction with the horses.

Two years into her lessons her riding academy closed its doors.  To allow our daughter to continue honing her riding skills we bought a horse, fenced a pasture and that horse had found a new home.  That horse was quickly followed by one more, then two, then three and, at this point in time, we have eight horses, two ponies, two calves and two farm cats.  A vision began to form… ”What if we built stables for the horses and opened our gates for a community of boarders?”