We welcome equestrians and animals into our stables and provide them with a safe and loving environment.  We understand their expectations and discuss how best we can exceed them.  We embrace the opportunity to learn from them and offer opportunities for them to learn from our experiences and others in our community of equestrians.  We provide facilities that meet the highest standards of safety.

Full & Partial

Full horse boarding is our specialty.  We offer horses rolling, spacious terrain which mimics their natural habitat and gives them freedom to graze, roam and rehabilitate.  There are seven securely wood-fenced pastures and careful consideration is given to which horses are together in which pasture.  Each pasture provides either treed or constructed shelter.  Fresh water, via automatic watering system is available.  In winter, water heaters are fully operational.

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We offer combination riding and art lessons for riders of all ages (6 to 96) using qualified coaches in our outside groomed riding arena or our inside warm-up riding arena. Plans are underway for a 15,840 sq ft indoor, heated riding arena to be erected and operational in spring 2019.  You can use one of our horses or you are welcome to use your own, and coming soon, our indoor heated riding arena.

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We take safety very seriously and require that helmets be worn by all riders under 18 years and a waiver must be signed by anyone over 18 who chooses not to wear one.  Our rules are posted in prominent places and are attached to all waivers.  Following these rules, for the safety of all, is expected.  All new clients are asked to watch our safety video prior to riding.

We also host vet clinics over four days, two times each year.  We bring in qualified vets to immunize your horse(s), or treat ailments and injuries as necessary.

As well, we offer farrier days every six to eight weeks with one of two highly respected farriers.  Services offered include shoeing and hoof care and are typically billed directly to the client, however, if you are unable to attend at the stables for shoeing, we will charge you a small fee, and would be happy to ensure the hoof care for your horse(s).

Having hosted an Alberta Equestrian Federation two day Equine First Aid and Disaster Preparedness event recently, we look forward to more such educational opportunities.  We also offer groundwork clinics and “Little Ranch Hands” classes and summer camps for children.